Airplane and railway accidents

Railway accidents

When a passenger of a railway transport has an accident resulting in injury or death, if it occurs after the purchase of the ticket and it is caused in the public transport itself or its facilities and stations, the injured passenger or their families in case of death, are entitled to receive compensation.

When a passenger suffers an accident resulting in injuries or death, whenever it takes place following the purchase of the corresponding transport ticket and occurs within the transport vehicle itself or in its facilities and stations, the injured passenger or their family, in the case of death, are entitled to compensation.

Royal Decree 627/2014 of 18/07/2014 regulates the assistance of victims of railway accidents and their families.

Train users, just like those of other public transport, aside from having the right to receive this compensation not subject to any accreditation of guilt, have the chance to receive other compensation that is much higher and fully compatible with the previous compensation, provided that there is responsibility for guilt attributable to the driver or owner of the transport, administration or not. This compensation can also be requested by both the injured parties and the family members of a person killed in a railway transport accident.

This compensation is much higher than that regulated by the compulsory traveller insurance andrequires an expert medical report for a better evaluation and guarantees of full compensation.

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