The world day of remembrance for road traffic victims

The World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victimstakes place on every third Sunday of November. The origin of this special day lays on 26 October 2005 when the United Nations adopted the Resolution 60/5 inviting Member States and international community to pay a tribute to the memory of the victims of road traffic accidents and their families.

The purpose of this conference is to provide recognition and support to those who suffer or have suffered direct or indirect consequences of a road traffic accident and, secondly, to warn society of the consequences of ignoring the risks of an activity that is needed in our lives, as motor vehicle circulation each year is responsible for 1.3 million people lifes, and causes disabilities and injuries to over 50 million people.

From COCA ADVOCATS we want to join the tribute to this day by giving all our support to all those who are direct or indirect victims of a road traffic accident, and recalling that our firm strives every day defending the rights and dignity of these victims through the law and regulations.

Therefore we want to give our support to these victims, since the struggle to create a decent justice and chase for equal rights for all world citizens is one of the main priorities of our profession.

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