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Coca Advocats firmCOCA ADVOCATS is a firm of independent lawyers, specialized in civil liability and insurance, particularly in the field of tort law, those that come from traffic accidents, work-related accident, professional negligence in the field of health or those from the activity or inactivity of the public administration.

We offer legal advice highly specialized to injured victims of traffic accidents, as well as people who have suffered injuries or damages from medical malpractice, industrial or work-related accident, accidents in public or private transports, aggressions, terrorist attacks, fall in public street due to disrepair, fire, flooding, contract breach or other problems related with damages against moral capital, body damage or personal state.

Xavier Coca VerdaguerOur firm was born based on the experience of his founding member, XAVIER COCA VERDAGUER, dedicated to the subject of claims of damages from injuries since 1993 and as a lawyer itself since 1997, being founder of other firms specialized in this field as VERITAS ADVOCATS (2000) and CBC ADVOCATS (2005), being now COCA ADVOCATS the current evolution of his professional career.

Our high specialization and attention to the cases which we receive in our firm, allows us to wide our work fields in penal law, labor law and family law, relying as well in mediation specialists in solving conflicts through an alternative way than the courts.


Strictness, excellence and teamwork.

Coca Advocats staffAs specialists in many different fields of legal practice, we offer a vast knowledge of the subjects of our respective areas of competence, counting that law as a living field, that constantly creates news, evolution, processing and interpretation, we demand to our workers high update on all kinds of law that are applicable to us. Continuing formation, participating in courses and also in major lectures and forums of legal discussion either national or abroad, as well as the efforts and the debate on each topic and the teamwork are our guarantee to fulfill the utmost strictness and excellence in service to our client.

At COCA ADVOCATS we are also aware that in certain areas of our expertise many issues beyond those strictly legal are involved, like technical-scientific in certain civil topics and even criminal or medical in issues related with traffic accidents are mixed also with health legislation, hence we must in our practice cooperate in close collaboration with the best experts in scientific and medical fields to ensure that the control and treatment of all subjects that go beyond mere legal proceedings but will also ensure the most serious strictness and excellence to achieve the best result.

Ethics and independence.

Coca Advocats StaffAt COCA ADVOCATS we ensure absolute independence in our business, depending only on the work entrusted by our customers and ensuring that there is no incompatibility with any large corporation or insurance company, giving priority to professional and personal ethics on particular interests that may arise in any scenario.

Personal and close treatment with clients.

At COCA ABOGADOS we consider ourselves craftsmen. Close and personal service and immediacy in client-lawyer relationship is our identification mark. The lawyer is the voice, the ears and the eyes of the client in mediation and at court, and only direct and intimate treatment would allow right expression at court or in front the opposing party, of the real situation that we have to claim. The successful management of the affairs entrusted to us requires the utmost attention on details, so the maximum proximity and communication with customers are vital part in finding the right solution to the problems that arise.

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