Severely disabled

Severely disabled

Claims severely disabledAn accident, whether in traffic, work time or any class can arise a big challenge: the severe disability. This unfortunate consequence entails huge added problems to treat, in physical and psychological matters, or its assessment and future foresight for both immediate and future damages, understanding that as the physical and moral, and also economic, both for the victim and also for their relatives or directly harmed.

The medical and rehabilitation expenses, future prostheses or orthoses, the costs of a nurse helping at home, inability to regular occupation or activity, loss of quality of life and personal development, life annuities, the adequacy of housing, ceasing gain and right assessment of bodily injuries, are the cornerstones of work to be done in these cases, in which you must make an individualized effort for each injured.

Claims severely disabledAt COCA ADVOCATS we have the best group of specialists in each field: medical specialists, assessment of body damage and biomechanics, social workers, engineers, technicians and architects, specialists in property damage experts, economists, actuaries, psychologists… all working closely with our office to achieve the greatest degree of success, counting the grave situation suffered by such injured and is guaranteed every field of science necessary to investigate and prove all damage caused to these people.

 We are expert lawyers in civil liability.

We work independently, exclusively for victims.

Over 20 years in the industry claiming the maximum compensation for our clients guarantee our experience and integrity.

Completely personal and individual treatment through a team of professionals working for you.

We only charge you when your compensation is received.

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