Loss of vehicle control

Loss of vehicle control

Loss of vehicle control accidentsLosing control of a vehicle is often a common cause of many accidents, but from the study and analysis of the cause of this loss of vehicle control a different guilt can be determined in an accident with some circumstances. The so-called aquaplaning, gravel on the road, oil stains, animals or obstacles in the road, vehicle defect or any of its elements, a traffic rules breach by any other road user, etc., can determine the responsibility of a third in an accident that apparently was caused by a loss of control of vehicle. Therefore, we have to make always a detailed study of the evidences that we have from the accident to check the possibilities to prove all these circumstances and assess the viability of any claim.

Loss of vehicle control accidentsHowever, even in cases of loss of vehicle control by exclusive guilt of the driver, when the passengers are injured or even disabled, or when the driver dies, it can be claimed to our own insurance, some based on the tort liability for the accident and others, because the driver, most likely, have contractual coverage from the insurance itself, which we will always pay close attention given that they cannot deduct any kind of guilt, but they may not apply if it is proved that the driver was driving under the influence of alcohol or psychotropic substances or any other circumstance expressly excluded in the contract and was properly reflected and highlighted in the particular conditions thereof.

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