Traffic accidents

Traffic accidents

Traffic accidentsAccident, guilt, damages, injuries, sequels, compensation, interest, appointments, forensic doctor, scale of estimation, death, hospitalization, ambulance, total loss, insurance, waive of claims, police report, police statement, medical expert, rehabilitation, limitation clauses, covenants, executive order, lost profits, impeditive days, Insurance Compensation Consortium, contributory negligence, magistrate court, civil court, criminal court… all these are concepts that arise when a traffic accident occurs.

At COCA ADVOCATS we offer comprehensive advice on all aspects related to traffic accidents with injuries, in legal and medical matters and also personal relation with the client, because you cannot conceive the best solution to a problem such as a traffic accident without the combination of these three elements.

The main goal that any victim of an accident should consider is the reintegration of health. Without this objective tort law has no meaning, and the first problem that has any injured is to understand the specific and complex health system formed by networks of hospitals, clinics and rehabilitation centers in connection with insurance companies and also the Insurance Compensation Consortium.

damages traffic accidentsHowever, health rights of the injured in a traffic accident go beyond this network, in fact a network with limits, and good control of proper medical treatment is fundamental part of the services of our firm, where we care through external medical advice, to assess the evolution of injuries and the right treatment, because we understand that without proper medical care the main goal cannot be achieved: compensation for physical and psychological damages.

COCA ADVOCATS  makes available to victims and injured in traffic accidents, a team of professionals specialized in judicial and extrajudicial claims for damages or injuries resulting from traffic accidents either in national or international soil. When the injured person is severely impaired, we go personally to the hospital or at home anywhere in the country, and if the address is abroad, we rely on a wide network of collaborating firms that advise in accordance with the laws of the appropriate country.

Traffic accidents claimsWe fully advise our clients in all kinds of claims, from the analysis of the compensation for injuries and damages to the accomplishment of claims to insurance companies and also bringing to court proceedings when it is necessary.

Also in this type of business is essential the close collaboration with renowned professionals (engineers, architects, actuaries, medical experts) in order to prove technical aspects of our claims with expert reports issued by them, and in COCA ADVOCATS we have available a group of high qualified specialists that would study every case with the maximum guarantee of success.

If you have had a car accident, either as a driver, occupant, pedestrian, user of public or private transport, please contact us, without any obligation. Our first meeting will be free of charge and if we consider that the claim is viable you would not pay any fee, just when you collect the whole amount of the claim we will charge you and always in a proportional amount of the final compensation obtained.

At COCA ADVOCATS we always fight until the end to achieve the best outcome for the victims.

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