Plane crash

Plane crash

Great misfortunes such as these require the best advice and our firm offers our extensive experience in this type of disaster and our expertise to achieve the best defense for their rights.

We provide comprehensive legal advice to victims and families in national or international claims against airlines and their insurances and the producer of the aircraft or its components. The compensation in these unfortunate accidents depends largely on the outcome of the investigations and liabilities arising.

Lawyers airplane crashThe passenger rights are set out in the Montreal Convention 1999, as well as in Regulations (EC) from the European Parliament and from the Council No. 889/2002 and 2027/97, and at national levels one must take into account the Air Navigation Law, updated by Real Decreto 37/2001 of 19 January, which scales compensations in line with the Regulation no. 889/2002. This law applies to national transport aircraft accidents and those which are not passengers transport.

Scales of compensation for passengers and their luggage:

Compensation in case of death or injuries: a first level with a regime of strict liability for the airline with a limit of 100,000 SDR (Special Drawing Rights defined by the International Monetary Fund, representing about 135,000 €) is established. The airline cannot contest any claims for compensation.

Plane crashAdvance payment: the airline must do an advance payment to cover immediate economic needs of the victim within fifteen days from the identification of the person entitled to compensation. In case of death, this advance payment shall not be less than 16,000 SDR.

If negligence of the airline is established as a cause of the accident, there is a second level of responsibility based on the alleged commission of an offense by the airline, they can only be exempted proving that they are not guilty (the burden of proof falls on them). In these cases, the harmed ones could claim themselves outside the boundaries described and based on the liability of the originator.

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