Assessment flood damagesFlood damages are quite common in our country. However, those who claim should know whether the water (more than 40 liters per m2/hour) comes from the top down in order to know who is responsible for flooding from roofs, ceilings, terraces, etc., or from below, i.e., street entrances to the house, garages, shops, etc…

In the first case, we will claim to the insurance company as long as the damage has been from atmospheric phenomenon, obviously, if the flood was due to a simple filtration and not from rainfall of more than 40 liters/m2/hour, we must find the cause and study whether the risk is covered by the policy or we must claim directly to the insurance of our building, or our neighbour if the leak comes from her or his own property.

Claims flood damagesIn the last case, we will claim the Insurance Compensation Consortium. Floods are natural disasters with the greatest impact on lives and property in our country, and in case of an extraordinary risk the compensations are paid by the Insurance Compensation Consortium (CCS). Nearly 90% (84.9%) of the compensations paid for this entity by natural disasters in the period 1987-2012 were payments for flood, including atypical cyclonic storms. It reached over 7,000 million.

To claim such kind of claims, it is important to keep all the belongings and appliances that has been damaged or broken because of the flood until the proficient comes and values it, and if something damaged is perishable or  is already rotten, you can throw it away, but it is essential to document all doing a good inventory with photographs and identification, the more detailed the better, because sometimes the experts could take days or weeks to come inspect our claim, and without enough evidences that damage cannot be assessed and cannot be compensated.

Flood damagesIf the damage happened in a vehicle in an accident compensable by the CCS, although third parties are insured, if the glass are insured you can also receive compensation for this damage, discounting franchises contracted or in policy and according to the rules of depreciation for use of vehicles in case of total loss.

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