COCA ADVOCATS at the PEOPIL Annual Conference in Paris

COCA ADVOCATS at the PEOPIL Annual Conference in Paris

The annual conference of the Pan-European Organisation of Personal Injury Lawyers (PEOPIL) will be held in Paris on September 6, 7 and 8, and once again COCA ADVOCATS, as a law firm specialising in Civil Liability and traffic injuries, will be present at the event.

PEOPIL is a non-profit organisation founded in 1996 by a group of European lawyers with a clear objective: to improve and promote judicial co-operation and mutual knowledge of legal and judicial systems of European jurisdictions in the field of personal injury law.

Currently PEOPIL has 550 members from 27 jurisdictions within the European Union, 11 Non-European Union jurisdictions within Europe and 6 jurisdictions outside Europe. As an active membership of PEOPIL, COCA ADVOCATS collaborates with its experience in all legal matters that may help victims of traffic accidents or personal injuries. For this reason COCA ADVOCATS will be present at the annual PEOPIL Conference in Paris.

COCA ADVOCATS is aware that cases with legal ramifications that go beyond national borders are becoming more common. For this reason COCA ADVOCATS is part of PEOPIL, with the clear intention of expanding the quality of its professional services and providing its clients with extensive advice in the field of personal injuries.

To be a member of PEOPIL allows us to have an international knowledge and perspective in the field of civil liability. We can analyse the way of working in some other countries and to have access to comparative law in the field of personal injures. Knowing the material regulations of our specialties in the countries of our environment allows us to decide at all times which is the most beneficial applicable law for our clients, in the event that there is the option of procedural action in more than one country or jurisdiction. Being part of PEOPIL also allows us to exchange information and collaborate with other international law firms specialised in this field.

COCA ADVOCATS, as an independent law firm specializing in civil liability and personal injuries, was present at the Conference on Medical Negligence and Product Liability, organized by PEOPIL in the city of Barcelona, which took place on 7 and 8 of June 2018, in l’Il-lustre Col-legi de l’Advocacia de Barcelona.

During two days, always from an international and comparative law perspective, the speakers discussed about very important issues in the field of personal injuries: the role of the medical expert, the duty of medical informed consent and the onus of proof in cases of medical negligence. The last of the first day’s sessions, given by Dr. Nelly Ninis (UK), was a conference on sepsis and meningitis in children, where the identifying signs of the disease and the different stages that can occur in the same patient during the illness were discussed.

Dr. Nelly Ninis, Consultant General Paediatrician, and leading expert in adolescent meningitis, explained us the importance of identificate early symptoms of sepsis and meningitis to avoid unnecessary risk to children.

The principal problem with meningitis and sepsis is the misdiagnosis: the early symptoms go unnoticed and to often are associated with common illness. The early symptoms, in the first 4–6 h, can be fever or temperature dysregulation, poor feeding or vomits, and too often children are sent to home after the first consultation.

Early symptoms of sepsis (leg pains, cold hands and feet, abnormal skin colour) and meningitis (loss of consciousness, disorientation, lack of coordination, speech problems) are developed at a median time of 8 h.

Only 51% of children are sent to hospital after the first consultatio with a median time to hospital admission of 19 h). The problem in these cases is the risk of death for children because the window of opportunity for treatment is too small.

The second day focused on product liability and the international difficulties of these cases. Topics as diverse as defective prostheses (Pinnacle hip), the diesel gate (Volkswagen), or the possible liabilities arising from defective vaccines or breast prostheses that lead to cancer were discussed.

The conference about the Volkswagen case made clear the differences between the American and European judicial systems: while in the United States multi-million dollar agreements have been reached with those affected and the German Company and its directors have been sanctioned in criminal proceedings, in Europe the development is really slow with clear differences in some countries (the EU has not taken a global action against the German Company). In Spain doesn’t exist the class action (a group of people who all have the same legal problem are represented collectively by a member of that group to bring legal claims against actions or omissions of a company) and we can find some individual actions against Volkswagen with different results, most of them are dismissed for those affected. From a political point of view, according to Carlos Villacorta, partner of BCVLex and member of Affected Volkswagen, Spain is the only European country who has supported the German Company (Mr. Manuel Soria, former Minister of Industry with the PP government, the same who had an offshore company in Panama, is currently working for Volkswagen). There is still hope for those affected and a lot of work to do.

Two intense days that are summarized in the following video:

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